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Athule grew up in a remote village in South Africa. Her mother made huge sacrifices to take her to a good school and through University where she completed her Diploma in Tourism Management. She soon realized that she wanted to travel to be exposed and opens to new ideas, some of her travel experiences include Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, France, Italy, Dubai to mention a few. It was through traveling that she realized the importance of telling African stories. She then focused on learning about other cultures around the world which she draws her inspirations to create films with cultural nuances.
As a young filmmaker in this new digital era Athule is open to digital creativity and modeling.




As a film director Athule is an all-rounder when it comes to film making, she’s worked as a producer, script supervisor and is even an ACA certified editor. Some of her work has been submitted to film festivals. Athule worked as a promotional model throughout the university, she also dabbled as an actor which landed her feature roles on the most viewed television shows in South Africa such as generations and rhythm city. 

She then starred in a short film called Collapsing into Zimbabwe in Miami. As a digital creator, Athule shares her lifestyle especially travels to inspire young people to travel and learn more about the world and its diverse people.

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Best Film Director Award
For: Student School Film
See Beauty

ACA certified editor, Pro Tools, Communication and Administration


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Film Director

Athule Alexandre